ACB Conference and Convention
ACB Conference and Convention

Candidates Forum, 2021-06-16 sponsored by BPI/GDUI

2021 Virtual Conference and Convention

July 5, 2021

The ACB Election process has joined the convention in the digital world and as a result this may be the most involved Election in ACB History. With 13 open seats there is a a lot of ground to cover for all members who wish to know the platforms and views of candidates. GDUI and BPI have traditionally held both singular and joint candidate forums and this year we are teaming up again to offer our members and the general ACB Membership a set of forums from the Special Interest Affiliate perspective.

Some key topics we wish to address include but are not limited to: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; The role of ACB Leadership in Special Interest Membership generation and retainment; How can the Affiliate and Parent relationship be symbiotic; How does the ACB Leadership plan to address mentorship of current members, new leadership and how ACB Leadership can support the ivtersectionalities of our specific affiliates and all affiliates and committees.

This podcast is the recording of the Executive Board Seat Candidates Forum held on Wednesday June 16, 2021 Candidate Forum.