ACB Conference and Convention
2 years ago

Candidates Forum, June 29, 2021 sponsored by the Board of Publications

2021 ACB Virtual Conference and Convention

As members of the American Council of the Blind, we are responsible for electing a slate of individuals who will provide leadership in our organization as officers, members of the ACB Board of Directors, and members of the ACB Board of Publications, in coming months and years. Because ACB was unable to conduct elections at our virtual convention in 2020, we will be electing all five ACB officers, five members of the ACB Board of Directors and all three elected members of the Board of Publications at this year’s ACB convention. With so many elections underway during the week of convention, there are likely to be a few vacated positions up for grabs, as well. Meet the Candidates at ACB Candidates’ Forums This year, because we have 15 announced candidates for 13 positions, the Board of Publications will host two official Candidates’ Forums. All candidates who posted information to the ACB Candidates’ Web Page participated in one of two ACB Candidates’ Forums to be held June 29 and 30 at 9:00 PM ET (6:00 PM PT) via Zoom, ACB Radio, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

This podcast is the recording of the BOP Candidates' Forum held on June 29, 2021.