ACB Conference and Convention
3 years ago

20200710 010 Morning General Session with Convention Connect

American Council of the Blind (ACB) 2020 Virtual Conference and Convention

Friday, July 10 9:30a.m.: ACB Welcome Show 10:00a.m.: Invocation: Joseph Bundy, Noble, OK Pledge of Allegiance: Ross Pangere Scholarship Winners: Brielle Cayer, Middletown, CT; Anna Ohrt, Issaquah, WA; Matthew Turner, Eagle, ID Organizational Management System (Traction): Dan Spoone, ACB President, Orlando, FL; and Eric Bridges, Executive Director, Alexandria, VA ACB Angel Presentations: Carol McCarl (1938 – 2019) Oregon Patricia LaFrance Wolf (1942 – 2013) California Presiding officer: Kim Charlson, Immediate Past President, Watertown, MA 10:45a.m.: ACB Public Awareness Program: Kelly Gasque, Alexandria VA; Katie Fredrick, Columbus, OH; and Deb Cook Lewis, Clarkston, WA 11:05a.m.: Lee Nasehi, President & CEO, VisionServe Alliance, St. Louis, MO

11:15a.m.: ACB Scholarship Presentations: Reem Hamodi, Aurora, CO, CUNY School of Professional Studies, Manhattan, NY (Eunice Fiorito and Charles Dillman Scholarship) Brielle Cayer, Middletown, CT, Fordham University, New York, NY (Ross N. Pangere Scholarship) Anna Ohrt, Issaquah, WA, Brown University, Providence, RI (Ross N. Pangere Scholarship) Matthew Turner, Eagle, ID, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA (Ross N. Pangere Scholarship) 11:30a.m.: Break 11:45a.m.: Introduction of the ACB Advisory Board: Dan Spoone, ACB President, Orlando, FL; and Eric Bridges, Executive Director, Alexandria, VA 12:05p.m.: American Printing House for the Blind, Craig Mador, CEO, Louisville, KY Presentation of the George Card Award: Deb Trevino, ACB Awards Committee co-chair, Newark, DE 12:30p.m.: Theresia Hout, Caldwell, ID. Theresa is the owner operator of TL vending since 1989, a deaf blind entrepreneur with a master’s degree in Business Administration. 12:50p.m.: Door Prizes and Announcements