ACB Conference and Convention
2 years ago

20210721 - General session July 21

• Call to Order • Pledge of Allegiance: JPMorgan Chase Fellows • ACB Business ACB Sponsor recognition: Tony Stephens, Director of Development, Alexandria, VA • Candidate Speeches • Sponsor Presentation: Jim Sinocchi, Head of the Global Office of Disability Inclusion, JPMorgan Chase, Boston, MA; Lauren Oplinger, Vice President, Public Finance Sales Group, New York, NY • ACB Angels Presentations • ACB Elections; Affiliate Roll Call Presiding Officer: Denise Colley, Secretary, Lacey, WA • Kathy Martinez, President and CEO Disability Rights Advocates, Berkeley, CA • CCLVI Scholarship Presentations • ACB Scholarship Presentations •Talking Book Narrator: JP Linton, “Master of the Spoken Word”, Duart (formerly Benefit Media Inc), New York, NY • Election results • nominations for next election • door prizes, and announcements

  • Recorded during the 2021 ACB National Convention on July 21